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We built a company that is fully dedicated to support your telecommunications business. Our goal is to provide regulatory knowledge of the rules and requirements from Anatel and Ancine, identify new opportunities, increase efficiency in order to meet the demands and challenges that already exist and also the ones that constantly arise due to the revision of the regulation and mitigate risks.


Our team is formed of Consultants who have extensive knowledge and understanding of the telecommunications sector, after follow and contributed closely to the development and implementation of the main services - mobile, landline, broadband and TV - and also of the audiovisual area, with recognized expertise and interface with Anatel, Ancine and the rest of administrative bodies. Both played executive role in large multinationals and one of them also in Anatel.

Consulting and advisor, with regulatory focus, about the telecom sector, its dynamics, the current players and its trends

Permanent regulatory consulting about the main telecom’s services - mobile, landline, broadband and TV, with focus also on legal, competition law, business and operations aspects, ensuring the adherence of the rules, identifying business opportunities and mitigating risks

Analysis, modeling, building of and launch, with the competent regulatory and legal support, new products / services in the telecom sector and audiovisual, in addition of implementation and monitoring new business models in telecommunications, with an emphasis on regularization before the Regulators

Assure the competent analysis about the feasibility of asset acquisitions, joint ventures and corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, partnership and other integration agreements, as well as regulatory and legal support for conducting due diligence involving valuation of assets in the telecom sector

Adoption of a well-structured Compliance Program that fits in your own business,  with focus on identifying, mitigating and remedying the risks of infringing the rules and the law

Contribute and promote legal and regulatory support in any kind of administrative litigation with Anatel and Ancine, including defense, petitions and positioning in processes / PADOs, and representing our clients before the Regulatory Agencies and the rest of the administrative bodies

Provide technical and regulatory support for obtaining the acts and authorisations of telecommunication services granted by the administrative authorities, and also for the regular licensing of the stations/network

Promote and ensure legal and regulatory support to take part in all the phases of the bidding process for frequency spectrum, including the preparation of necessary documentation and also for obtaining of the regular authorisations of telecommunication services and frequencies

Provide and guarantee legal and regulatory support in the negotiations of the agreements and contracts for wholesale and interconnection services, and also uphold all kind of administrative proceeding, including arbitration and conflict resolution between operators

Negotiation, drafting of documents and contracts and regulatory support in approval before the specific Regulators of infrastructure contracts, Radiofrequency, Interconnection and Wholesale Business between telecom operators

Development,  management and implementation of all kind of regulatory projects and new rules

Consultancy in the certification process and approval of equipment and terminals along the Bodies Certification and Anatel, including advice regarding about the suitability of product feasibility into the Brazilian market

+ 20 years of experience

at telecommunication's area

Katia Pedroso

Leonardo Portugal

Lawyer graduated from UERJ, MBA in Competition Law and Consumer Protection, with a highly successful career with more than 20 years in major multinationals companies such as Vivo and Telefônica Brasil, acting for the last 14 years as a Senior Manager and a Regulatory Director of Telefonica in Brasil. Built up the career in the public sector - public servant at Embratel assigned to Telebras and to the Regulatory Agencies Anatel/CADE.

During this period, she led projects with a major impact on the business, including: the deployment of new telecommunications services and the start of new fixed operations - SCM, STFC and SeAC;  startup of new operations in the mobile telephony (GSM, 3G, 4G, Northeast footprint); deployment of an alternative solution to assist the rural areas; negotiation of TACs with Anatel; drafting and approval of new business model (ex: changing of the mobile internet policy, national solution for the global M2M,);  the implementation of the telecommunications users' regulatory Consumer Rights - RGC; and re-structuring initiatives to adopt and consolidate best business practices. She was also responsible for coordinating, setting the regulatory strategy and working directly on all phases of the bidding process for frequency spectrum auctions from 2007, with a focus on 3G and 4G, in which VIVO successfully bid for frequencies worth an estimated R$ 5 billion or more, in addition to drafting and approving innovative arrangements for sharing networks with other operators in more than 1,000 cities.

Specialized in regulatory and competition law consulting in the telecom sector, administrative litigation, legal opinions, contracts of wholesale, corporate agreements and reorganizations, biddings, representations, arbitrations, she was also responsible for managing over 4.500 administrative processes and legal cases. She also worked at Anatel and as a lawyer at Embratel.

Telecommunication’s engineer graduated from PUC - RJ with a post-graduation in Business Management, built up his executive career at Telefonica in the last 14 years, acting  as Regulatory Manager since 2010.

During this period, he was responsible for: supporting the startup of new services such as mobile - SMP and fixed- STFC / SCM / SeAC in different geographical areas, including all the previous regulatory activities and also the operation itself; identifying new business opportunities for product’s launch or mitigate risks facing the legal rules; negotiating and approving of plans and offers before Anatel and also modeling business between operators, such as interconnection, industrial operation of networks and infrastructure sharing, including RAN sharing.

Beyond that, he was responsible for coordinating the execution of projects to meet all regulatory obligations and quality improvement plans in hundreds of critical municipalities, as well as overseeing efforts to meet the demands of Regulators, as well as some special projects like 2016 Olympics. He also worked in the areas of Business, Interconnection, Wholesale and Engineering at companies such as Intelig and TIM in operational startups.

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